Ariana French, Elena Villaespesa,AI Visitor Experience, and Museum Operations: A Closer Look at the Possible, in Humanizing the Digital: Unproceedings from the MCN 2018 Conference, 2019.


Oonagh Murphy, Elena Villaespesa, Jennie Choi, Carolyn Royston, Lawrence Chiles speaking at Curator Computer Creator: Museums and AI, Museums and Computer Network, November 2019.

Oonagh Murphy, Elena Villaespesa, speaking at An[0]ther {AI} in Art Summit 2019: Decolonizing Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Art Making, 24-27 April 2019.

Oonagh Murphy, Elena Villaespesa, Innovation, data and social responsibility, conference presentation, The Museum Innovation Forum and MCNx New Orleans, New Orleans Jazz Museum, 18 May 2019.


David Styles, Artificial Intelligence, visitor data and ethics: Debating the future of museums, Museums + Heritage: Advisor, July 2019

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